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An Odyssey from Vinyl to Digital

Posted on October 23, 2016 at 8:25 PM

Is there software to facilitate transferring vinyl LP records to digital?

After conducting on-line research and talking to trusted friends about my project, including those with record collections measured in the thousands, I decided that the first step was to catalog my collection. I considered building an Excel spreadsheet for that purpose, but there is a better way: create an account on "Discogs". [ ] Discogs, short for discographies, is an on-line, crowd-sourced, web site, database and swap meet for recorded material. It makes the process of cataloging a collection fairly easy and then automatically provides a toolbox of great resources, all at no cost.

I set up my account and dove in. I started my collection by cataloging a few albums. I got the hang of it quickly. One of the nice features of discogs is that it will price each of your entries, and your total collection, based on the sales that take place in the discogs market area. (Discogs collects a small percentage for sales conducted through their marketplace.) Want to sell your albums? You can price them based on what the market will bear and you can see that right in front of you. Looking to buy an album? You can do that there, too, just as easily.

You can use your discogs collection in a number of ways. Export it to an Excel spreadsheet and it becomes an easy way to document your collection's value for insurance purposes. You can use that same spreadsheet to partially automate the next big step: transferring your vinyl records to digital format and importing all the metadata at the same time. After my collection was built on Discogs, I needed to determine the best software for the transfer process.  Stay tuned.

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