The Analog Blog


The Author of "The Analog Blog" is Tom B.

In the shadow of Sputnik, Project Echo, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the cold war, when he wasn't practicing "duck and cover" drills, Tom grew up in the northern Virginia suburb of Springfield, close to Washington, DC. 

A music lover from his oldest memory, Tom developed a keen interest in electronics and stereo equipment early on; "How can I get the very best sound from my growing collection of records?"

When he was a sophomore in high school, after a lot of research, Tom invested in his first component stereo purchased from Dixie High Fidelity Wholesalers in Kensington, Maryland. (Later absorbed into the now defunct Circuit City.) Pictured at right, it consisted of:

  • Sansui 4000 receiver
  • ARXa Turntable with Shure M91ED cartridge
  • AR-2ax speakers
  • Sony TC 355 reel-to-reel tape deck

As a junior, Tom took a part-time job selling stereo equipment in Alexandria, Virginia. This gave him access to equipment at cost and he began evolving his audio system, changing out turntables, electronics, adding tape decks and other gear, over the years.

Jump forward to today: it is time to convert my collection of vinyl records to a digital format that can be easily stored and then enjoyed throughout the home and on the go, on my phone, or from my personal media server from any computer. This blog is about that process: converting LP records to digital files.

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